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Exclusive Interview: Rising Artist J Gomes

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Independent label CEO, Artist and Fashion designer J GOMES is fresh off of a big year and is pacing for a bigger year in 2021. J GOMES released 8 projects in 2020 during COVID only to get the world ready for his debut album KING ME which he released on February 12th he has also just partnered with the new live-streaming platform ZapLife. J GOMES has been making a impact in the hip hop industry for more reasons then one, his sound is like no other he manages to mix Boom bap with trap, with drill and any other sound he gets a vibe off of. But that’s not the only reason he’s getting noticed, he’s carrying a state that hasn’t had a major artist since HipHop was born. Connecticut! next door to New York in the backyard of Massachusetts, Suffering loss last year J GOMES channeled grief into rebranding himself as a Business. The passing of his father “ DJ.KOOL KEITH” the person who introduced him to music and then a few months later his Grandmother and aunt in the same day, Gomes says it was the hardest year of his life mentally but Knowing three of the people who always pushed him to do music because they believed in him were gone drove him to stay focused and make it happen.

He said they’re going to have to put respect on his name and should address him as MISTER, a nickname that he is becoming known by around the industry MISTER GOMES which fits his title as one of the CEO’s of GROUND OF BOSSES ENT along with his DAPPER t-shirt line. A Partnership with ZapLife, a brand new Black-owned live streaming app launched by Cassie Hinnen, chief people officer, and Samantha Irizarry, chief executive officer, that makes it simple to get connected, entertain and stay entertained. J GOMES says he looks forward to working with the company and continuing to build his brand all while getting Connecticut the recognition it deserves. Music fashion and now a part of the digital world MISTER GOMES says he’s just getting started!Keep an eye out for him and follow him on all his social media platforms.

What is your name and what city do you rep?

Json “JGOMES” Gomes I was born and raised in Waterbury Connecticut

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?
Aww Man, last year I dropped 8 Projects starting with Friday the 13th pt 4 on March 13th I started doing the Friday the 13th series in 09 when I got out of jail, the J in JGOMES is Json and I was born on the 13th. Then I went into a zone with my music where I realized nobody was capable of doing what I can do I told my DJ and producer these niggas better put respect on my name (laughing) they got a KALL ME MISTER! And then I dropped KALL ME MISTER side 1 and 2 and after that I dropped MR.GOMES, FRIDAY THE 13th pt 5 and a few joint projects all leading up to my album KING ME which I just released on February 12th

What is unique about you and your music?
I’m not boxed in to any particular sound, that alongside with my story being real I’m able to verbally paint pictures you can see when you’re listening to me

What shaped your music?
My father (REST IN PEACE) who was a DJ, would have his equipment setup and practice in the living of our small apartment when I was just a youngster. So when I say I grew up in HipHop I mean that shit! The essence of what real hiphop sounds like was instigated and molded my ability to relate and body any beat.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?
I started out following my father’s footsteps by learning to DJ and at the age of 12, I got my own set of turn tables. I was on it all day, everyday (laughing) and at that same time I was playing around with rap. Realizing, I could really put shit together, I focused on both for a long time. Then when I was 14, I caught a drug charge and got kicked out of school. By being home all day I really started writing and only wanting to create my own music. I was so serious, I just knew HOV was going sign me! *(Oh let me not leave out that not only did I get back into school but I two stepped my ass across that stage and received my diploma!)* I was talented and I knew it. The more I understood, the more I played wit it and the more I rapped, the better I became and making it flow naturally. Being in my own lane and testing the streets, I caught a case that sent me to prison. That’s when everybody told me just focus rap and fuck the streets. When I came home I went hard with my music but thinking I could walk in both lanes, I was still going hard in the streets and the judge sent my ass right back to jail. The second time around, I realized I spent most of my prime in jail and I told myself I wasn’t going back. I got back to making music but more-so because music is what I did and luckily it became fun again like in the beginning and I never missed a beat. But last year when my father passed away, I needed to channel what I was dealing with and focused on my music even more. I got into this zone not purposely but to keep myself from doing anything negative! Which caused a domino effect and I began to get hit up by Djs’, record labels, and a few big producers and that’s when I knew it was GO time! At times, looking back, I knew this was something my father wanted for me more then I did. He was, is and will forever be HipHop!!
What type of music do you listen to?
I honestly listen to everything except heavy metal but when I’m recording a project I don’t listen to anything but beats and myself until the project is finished.

What inspires you to write music?
From a general conversation sparking something I did or was thinking to me just walking around the house and I would come up with a rhyme scheme. Still being able to engage and write music.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?
I’ve come to terms last year that I’m “figure it out“ and when not making music I’m trying to figure out how to market, brand, promote, and start my business. When I retire from music, I think I’ll be a consultant (laughing)
Happiness to you is…
Making sure The people around me don’t have to deal with the hard side of life I’d rather bare it and know they’re all happy and safe.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?
Show every aspect of yourself in the art not just the parts you think people want. I’ve done everything in the streets you could possibly do except DRUGS! but I still laugh, tell jokes, moonwalk in my socks on my kitchen floor just because I didn’t do that on the block when I was outside hustling don’t mean it didn’t happen I didn’t give the streets the same Json I gave my mother my siblings or my close friends but all that is/was me. BRUCE WAYNE AND BATMAN Are the same person you just don’t see us at the same time
Tell us about your upcoming projects…
March 12th TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA pt 2, Then I have GROOVE AND GROOVY dropping May 22nd on my father’s Birthday and mid summer LL KOOL JGOMES and from now until the end of the year I will continue working and releasing songs randomly so they don’t forget my name

Where do we find you music / music projects?
Tidal Apple Music iTunes Spotify all streaming platforms. Also for exclusives

Any last words for the readers?
I appreciate everyone whose been tuned in with me and my career thus far and I appreciate everyone who’s going to tune in after reading this, I promise you I’ve made a song you would like

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