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Boyz n the Hood Cast: Then and Now (1991 vs 2021)

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Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jason ‘Tre’ Styles III
Desi Arnez Hines II as Tre age 10
Angela Bassett as Reva Devereaux
Laurence Fishburne as Jason ‘Furious’ Styles Jr.
Ice Cube as Darren ‘Doughboy’ Baker
Baha Jackson as Doughboy age 10
Morris Chestnut as Ricky Baker
Donovan McCrary as Ricky age 10
Nia Long as Brandi
Tyra Ferrell as Brenda Baker
Redge Green as Chris ‘Little Chris’
Kenneth A. Brown as Chris age 10
Whitman Mayo as The Old Man
John Singleton as The Mailman
Dedrick D. Gobert as ‘Dooky’
Baldwin C. Sykes as ‘Monster’
Tracey Lewis-Sinclair as Shaniqua
Alysia Rogers as Shanice
Regina King as Shalika
Lexie Bigham as ‘Mad Dog’
Raymond Turner as Ferris
Lloyd Avery II as Ferris’ Triggerman (Knucklehead #2)
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson as Officer Coffey

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