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Amir Shaheed – Background Check 2021

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American art lovers are so much familiar with the name Amir Shaheed. Amir Shaheed (born June 18, 1992), professionally known as Amir and formerly as Bravo. His background is colourful- Cherokee, Ghanian and German, from where he found so much inspiration. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. People, beaches and art scene of California became a spark to motivate his inner artistic abilities.

Amir joined an after school program in West Los Angeles to learn piano lessons at age five. At that time, no one had an idea of how much impact these lessons would have on his life. Inspiring others through art would be a passion that would persistently stay with him. He started to participate in school drama programs in high school and beyond, continuing to please his passion.

Amir’s ingenuity and talent have made Amir Shaheed an eminent name in the art community. He became a well-known American recording artist, songwriter and singer from Los Angeles, California.

Amir received an associate’s degree with distinction from College of the Canyons. Soon after degree, he dropped his first single Grind. He released this single Grind under the label M.I.A Entertainment.

In 2015, he released his second single, ALL my life, also under the label M.I.A Entertainment. After making a name in photography and visual communication, Amir focused on his another artistic passion, recording music. In 2018, Amir became renowned to everyone with the release of his hit single “Bigger House” under the name Bravo. The song gained so much fame on Spotify and iTunes, and fans of Amir excitedly started to wait for his next release.

Amir fulfilled day by day increasing demand of his fans by releasing a new nine-track EP entitled “I Got Somethin to Say”. The EP is composed of a variety of topics, sounds and styles all with Amir’s inspiring and purposeful lyrics.

Amir had to face the worst tragedy of his life after the successful release of EP. Amir lost hero, the role model of his life……his father. His father passed away two weeks after his EP release due to congestive heart failure. Amir learned everything about life, especially the entertainment industry, from his father, the Executive Producer of the hit television series “The Big Break”. Amir could not bear this sudden big loss of his life and went into depression. He could not help himself to accept this bitter reality of his life. As a result of this sadness and sorrow, he kept himself away from normal life and took a one year break from music and art.

In 2019, Amir decided to collect himself and came out of depression. He used his artistic abilities to express his feelings. He released nine songs which revealed good and bad times of his life that every listener could relate.

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