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.38 Spesh Talks Benny The Butcher Project, Coming From Upstate NY, Trust Gang And Being A Vet

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Upstate got something to say. With the Griselda fam hitting the mainstream last year, Rochester’s own .38 Spesh and his Trust Gang movement looking to do the same. Spesh no stranger to the rap game as he’s been at it now over 15 years. But once he decided to take it serious he’s put together one of the most consistent catalog in hip hop the past few years.

Making it out Upstate isn’t easy. “It’s the same as the city just less opportunity” he explains to AllHipHop correspondent Slops. He revealed that it’s also part of the reason why he started his “Trust Gang” movement. With him shinning the light on his city he talks about linking up with mixtape legend Ransom and how they formed a bond through the years.

With his Christmas day release “Interstate 38” release plus another collab project with Benny the Butcher, and his collab ep with the late great Fred Da Godson on the horizon it seems like the upstate noise won’t stop anytime soon from Spesh and the good folks over at Trust Gang.

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