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Background Check With Kid Flvsh – Multi Platinum Cover Artist / Animator

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1. How would you describe your artistic style?
A: I would say my style is original and unique. I create things with little to no references at all. I do my best to keep things fresh and new to cultivate a visual experience that has never been experienced before.
2. Do you still have a relationship with your first client?
A: Yes, I do! Shoutout @whytyon.
3. How do you prepare to build your portfolio that you showcase on your instagram?
A: I normally just go about it by using the proper times of day in which my engagement is most high and post around then. As an artist, my content can be anything from a very detailed image or animation to something as simple as a sketch or timelapse of me drawing.
4. Who’s your biggest inspiration?
A: My biggest inspiration would have to be Chris Brown and all the throwback 90’s – early 2000’s cartoons/shows. They really helped pave the way for me.
5. How did you get into the industry?
A: My old college roommate (@whytyon) had ties with people in the industry during the era of Vine. One of his close friends (Dj Wavy) became Dave East’s official dj. They had a song together called “Vacation” and he had me do the cover art. It was my first time ever doing a cover and once I sent it over, it made Hypebeast Magazine the same day. From that moment it catapulted me into the industry and I haven’t looked back since.
6. What is a short background on yourself?
A: I am a RIAA Certified 6-times Platinum, 2-times Gold Cover artist, Animator, Painter, Producer and Jewelry Designer. I have worked with major artists (such as: Flipp Dinero, Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, Eli Fross, Lil Tjay, Omari Hardwick, J.I, Coi Leray + more), Brands (Tier NYC, Adidas, Akoo, Hustle Gang, Playcloths) and record labels (Alamo, RCA, Empire, Columbia, Universal, +more).
7.If you could pick one or the other what would you choose, the money or the fame?
A: I would choose the money for sure. I’m not really into fame or clout. I just want to create dope things and be compensated accordingly for my work. Plus, money brings fame not the other way around.

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