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Yoo Ali Set to Release New Music & Movie After Working With Drake

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Yoo Ali real name “Fredrick Cunningham” is a Memphis Rapper,Director, and Songwriter. He is mostly known for his infamous tag and work with Blocboy JB and Drake. He has been picking up a lot of steam lately with his song releases.

Yoo Ali is expected to be releasing his first mixtape titled “No Matter What” sometimes this year. there has yet to be a date announced. He also expects to release his first feature film Directed and written by him. This has been teased from his instagram page @OfficialYooAli. Yoo Ali told us when asked how do he feel about being the person behind the camera and on the camera and he replied “I’m the Master P of the music industry, I’m gone do it all”. Is Yoo Ali next up out of Memphis? We sure think so.

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