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Producer Jimi Kendrix to showcase artist side on debut project “Based on a True Story”

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From making hits for artists to making hits for himself, Jimi Kendrix is ready to show the world his skills on the mic with debut project, “Based on a True Story.”

Born Kendred T. Smith in the city of Queens, New York, he is known as the musical genius, Jimi Kendrix who has been in the business of creating some of the hottest tracks known to the industry. Kendrix has went on to work with some of music’s biggest artists like Jay-Z, Tupac, Ashanti, Wu-Tang Clan, Lloyd, Patti Labelle, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Shyne and R. Kelly. His creativity and ability to make timeless music has brought him many accolades, some of which include attaining Multi-platinum and Gold success, Grammy nominations, and an ASCAP award for his work on Ja Rule’s hit “Wonderful.”

Now, the Grammy-nominated music producer, drummer and entrepreneur is on the verge of dropping music of his own with his project “Based on a True Story.” This 2021 release would mark his first debut project and it will be accompanied by its first single “CHECK” featuring @Bogardmusic1. “Based on a True Story” would be released through his co-founded non-profit organization ‘Producers Academy Music Group’ created under EMPIRE. The project would showcase his versatility, incorporating his wide range of sound, from Gospel to R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz and classical. Jimi Kendrix aims to create a project that hosts collaborations with artists across a wide spectrum for listeners to submerge themselves in. He is positive “Based on a True Story” has no skippable tracks and guarantees replay value no matter how much time passes. It has something for everyone and acts as the defining moment for his year ahead.

Jimi Kendrix set out to create a project that would make his mother of 4 proud and has achieved that end with “Based on a True Story.” Having been his biggest influence, he wishes to continue her legacy by using her inspiration to create his own. “Based on a True Story” will bring the life of the legendary producer from behind the shadows into the spotlight, sharing his stories and life lessons to encourage the new wave of music producers, singers, songwriters, A&R’s and aspiring musicians. Follow Jimi Kendrix via his online accounts and prepare to be blessed with his upcoming project “Based on a True Story.”


SoundCloud: https://Soundcloud/MrJimiKendrix

IG: @Produced_By_JimiKendrix

Twitter: @JimiKendrix

TickTock: @Produced_By_JimiKendrix



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