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Prince Markie Dee of The Fat Boys’ Prince Markie Dee Passes Away at 52

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Prince Markie Dee, a member of the pioneering hip-hop group the Fat Boys, died on Thursday, the group’s manager, Louis Gregory confirmed. He was 52.
Prince Markie Dee, one of the founding members of The Fat Boys (originally the Disco 3) alongside Kool Rock Ski and the late Buff Love.
Hailing from Brooklyn, The Fat Boys rose to prominence in the 1980s as one of the first Hip Hop groups to release full-length rap albums alongside Run-DMC, Whodini and Blow. The trio — who routinely integrated beatboxing in their rhymes — released seven albums throughout the course of their career, including their Blow-produced self-titled debut (1984) and The Fat Boys Are Back (1985).

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