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Hip-Hop’s essence courses through the veins of Infamous Billa

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Infamous Billa’s music resonates beyond color of skin or ethnic affiliation to reach those who needs a voice through their woes.


In the streets of New York, lies a talent that reflects the best of what hip-hop was meant to be. Malcolm George Abbott, known globally as Infamous Billa, is the NY artist using his voice for more than pure entertainment, but to wrap messages within potent bars and dope beats that reflects influences of icons like Tupac, KRS One, Premo. His hip-hop roots dated back to his childhood days, earning his name, Billa from his brother. It symbolized America’s greatest source of power, the dollar bills. Billa embraced the name, and with it, the knowledge and advice passed on by his brother and mother. He learnt to capitalize on every opportunity as an artist and conditioned himself to be knowledgeable in any field in order to excel.


The man that stands as Billa today overcame harsh realities to rise to be the pillar in hip-hop he’s become. After being kicked out by his parents from the Upper East Side where he resided, Billa was forced to adapt and found his place in Harlem, New York. Reflecting on his actions, he accepted responsibility for his part in their actions and continued forward with nothing but love in his heart for his family. His family woes would however find itself his way when his parents were caught up in a college scandal involving his sister. Still, Billa remained unwavering and kept his focus on his passion, music. Living in his new environment, he felt at home among the youths of Harlem, and the musical roots running through his family generation began manifesting with greater magnitude. With the influences of hip-hop pioneers like Tupac, Billa perfected his craft, developing his lyricism and began using his voice to pour his experiences and emotions through his music. The end result was a sound that created timeless tracks that touched listeners throughout all walks of life, connecting them to his journey. His dedication and passion for hip-hop could be heard in every release; hungry, talented, lyrical, Billa was bringing true hip-hop in the streets of NY to life.


As his stature in the industry grew, he gained respect from top Emcee’s and collaborated with lyricists like Redman, Lil Fame, KillaMoe, Oran Juice Jones ii, Afrikillz, and Soho Loopy. Music slowly became therapy for Billa, overshadowing the fame and financial benefits. For Billa, it was more about the love of music and making a difference in the world with his sound. One listen, and it’s evident Billa makes music from a place of depth and realness, spitting his heart over local NY producer beats like DJ Pain 1, Othello, or Beat Demons. Billa’s grind and skill over the mic has placed him in the position to revitalize New York hip hop, giving birth to a dualistic sound with lyricism and drill, one only achieved by rappers like Casanova and the late Pop Smoke. Billa is breaking the mold of New York influences from the south that has taken over the NY culture and bringing back that original hardcore lyrical sound. His eyes envision beyond the regional rap scene, taking NY drill from where Pop Smoke brought it, to the world. In all this, Billa sometimes reflects on his mother who was an editor for the New York Times magazine and her pressure on him to write essays. Her push back then, refined the penmanship that impacts his lyrical versatility today.


Over the years, Billa has progressed beyond measure, extending his reach to the world, and creating monumental memories like performing alongside Game and Compton Menace at Belly Up in Aspen. He is an artist of humility and humbleness, thankful for the appreciation he receives from hip-hop legends alike, but still calls himself a guest in the culture. He remains respectful, using his voice to uplift and channel hip-hop’s truth, and can always be counted on to get the party lit with weed, women, and hype energy.


Billa has built up a following and reputation of releasing music authentic to himself that fans can relate to. He has on his hands, his latest project, “INTERPOL” that continues the legacy that his past hits have established. The project draws inspiration from renditions of earlier parts of the Weeknd’s career. After its massive success in the hip-hop community, Billa has moved onto promoting his debut mixtape title, “Undefined” scheduled for release on Datpiff. The mixtape will deliver to fans the same depth and energy they have come to appreciate with the added benefit of connecting with the pain and experiences endured throughout his crazy life. “Undefined” reflects the cadence of projects by the legendary Tupac. The work and delivery of these masterpieces aim to achieve Billa’s purpose in the world which revolves around attaining wealth to help those that struggle to care for and uplift themselves. Billa gives his time and effort to combat inequality and fight against classism. His ideals beyond music stand as an advocate for kids of all ethnicities and backgrounds, supporting all that have the same amount of intelligence to have equal access to education.


Infamous Billa is an inspiration to artists and others looking on. He represents the hope for change and the resolve that dreams can be achieved with dedication, perseverance, and passion. His past, although tainted with downs, has been transformed to a bright future in hip-hop. Billa has established himself among the greats and has expanded his reach into entrepreneurship, launching a new product for his cannabis business. The product, “Space Gas” is an infused flower product combining moon rocks with bubble hash Kief as well as live resin. Billa embraces good karma over bad karma, referencing his support for weed as therapy over opiates. Billa is a rare artist in today’s musical landscape, support his music and movement to better humanity with his music.



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