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Intelligent Diva, the artist that does it all

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Blessed with extraordinary vocal range and talent, Intelligent Diva is bringing her unique touch to music and film. 

Jacksonville Florida’s very own, Intelligent Diva has been making a name for herself by way of her many talents. The entertainer is versed in singing, rapping, songwriting, acting, modelling and entrepreneurship. Her passion that led to the development of these skills began in her days singing in the church and community choirs. Her vocal wavelength and love for penning poetry sparked the idea of bringing all her talents together. This was the origin of Intelligent Diva and she has since added to the array of skills she encompasses.

Intelligent Diva has a voice that separates her from other artists in the industry. She not only possesses undeniable talent, but also does her own lead and background vocals. She fuses her sound over beats to channel her emotions through music. With inspirations from 90’s icons, Intelligent Diva merges the modern era with the past to create music that is fresh and artistic while still keeping it specific to her own style and touch. Hits she’s notable for span from her singles “Boyshorts,” “Submit To You,” “Lo Que Me gusta,” “Ice Cream,” and “Sexy Walk.”


Intelligent Diva is a businesswoman as much as an artist. She owns her own label ‘Intelligent Diva Music’ which houses all her compositions. While she continues to elevate in the music industry, Intelligent Diva is set to make appearances on the big screen in 2021 under modeling, television, film, and acting agency, MTM. Having worked on the soundtrack for the Marc Cayce directed film, ‘Flint Tale’ and casted in ‘A Last Chance to Dance’ alongside the late Tommy Lister Jr, and Eleanor Joyce, Intelligent Diva is about to show her versatility when both films release in 2021.

Intelligent Diva has kept fans fed with new music since the start of the year with two fiery singles “Operating Room” and “Not Making Love” both of which were conceptualized on her anniversary and focuses on relationships and love making. “Operating Room” was an ode to her significant other that always gives his support and love. It was inspired by the enjoyment of keeping her relationship spicy with songs to mentally stimulate her lover. “Not Making Love” takes a different perspective on relationships, highlighting the down moments and the effect it has on bonds and connections. The track speaks on communication and solution making during disagreements and withholding the passion in love making until meeting a positive resolution. The two songs serve as the prequel to her EP on valentine’s day with the highly anticipated track, “Your Love is Dope.” Intelligent Diva is only getting warmed up for all that she has planned to come. She also has a dance EP scheduled for a March 2021 release among other projects she has in the works.

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