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Interview With Jaime Quintino (Albertville, Alabama)

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How would you describe your musical style?

“I would describe my musical style to definitely be in the pop category! I mainly have an upbeat type of sound and it’s influenced by the music I tend to listen to!”

What is the first album you owned?

“The first album I owned was Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande! She is a major influence of mine and on top of me having always had a passion for music, she is one of the reasons I decided to start creating and releasing my own!”

How do you prepare before going up on stage?

“Well up until now I haven’t actually performed on stage as an artist. Due to COVID there really hasn’t been any opportunities to show up so I’ve really just been focusing on making music right now but hopefully when it’s a little safer to be out with people again, I’ll get to perform!”

Tell us about the first song you made. Was it a success or a failure?

“My first song to come out called “Right By My Side” it was a big success in my eyes! It was something I gotta create myself and share with the world and I was shocked at the response and the feedback I got from it! It reached over 27 k+ streams on Spotify and just knowing that it’s something that originally came to me as an idea, to then be shared with so many people made me realize just how fast things can happen.“

What is the story behind your latest release “Known You My Whole Life”?

“Known You My Whole Life” is a song I wrote describing a series of events that not necessarily happened to me, but to people close to me. It’s about being in a relationship or a past relationship where you or someone else you know were being take advantage of or essentially considered to be a “convenience” to have around for the other person and realizing that it was a one-sided relationship and having realized that, it’s decided to just end things between them but no one gets over a relationship right away so the song also talks about also trying to get over them.”

If you could pick one or the other what would you choose, the money or the fame?

“I think I would choose fame. The main reason for that is because money is great but at the end of the day it just brings temporary happiness but the same thing could also be said about fame… fame on the other hand gets the attention of so many people and I’d really want my music to reach as many people as possible because then I could see how many people my music reaches and if it helps them in any way or makes them feel empowered which would be amazing to see in my opinion as an artist.”

If you could go back in time or in the future which one would you choose and why?

“I would choose to go back in time… the main reason for that would be to convince myself to take the leap. I spent so much time back then thinking about what people would think of me or that I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I wanted. I was constantly told to be realistic with my goals and to work towards things that were attainable but if I had listened to them I wouldn’t be where I am now. People are always going to talk about you no matter what, so why care about what they have to say about you? You can’t make everyone happy so just work on making yourself happy because no one is going to love you or want the best for yourself like you do.”

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