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RandyisComedy Is On The Rise

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Meet Randy Konsey (also known as Randyiscomedy) who has taken over New York City with his viral videos. He is a first generation Bronx Native by way of Cameroon, Central Africa. “ I discovered my passion for comedy pretty early on while I was in elementary school. My classmates always pointed out that I was funny and I was always labeled “class clown” by my teachers during parent-teacher conferences. My parents didn’t like these comments by my teachers and so I decided to take my passion to the internet without telling any of my family members about it. I began making videos at home and uploading them on Facebook. I did this for about a year before anyone I lived with knew I was taking comedy seriously, and by the time my mom accidentally found out, I had already garnered the attention of thousands of people and had two videos that had reached over one million views. Fast forward to 2018, my sister encouraged me to start an Instagram page and to post my videos on Instagram. My videos started taking off around Summer of 2019 and the rest is history! Some people I look up to are Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry, 50 Cent, and Dave Chappelle. My goal is to one day transition into acting and to have a world-wide impact on people’s mood and spirits by uplifting them with laughter!”

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