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Razzi doubles back with a new street banger “Smoking On Dead Ops”

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Razzi has fought for his country and now taking aim at his ops on new single “Smoking On Dead Ops.”


Kutunnah Mitchell, born in Columbus Georgia and currently stationed in Germany in the United States Army, has had an amazing run in the rap game since putting his lyrical abilities on display in 2018. His aggressive and witty flow has grown his fanbase as a standout artist to be on the lookout for. Soon to be out of his deployment, Razzi is already planning his takeover of the charts. With his southern type of flow and variations between deep and club music, Razzi has been on a constant stream of dropping hits like “Pour Up The Henny,” “Born With A Purpose” and “Red Lights.”


Recently, Razzi released a heavy hitter to get 2021 primed for his success. The track in question is the gritty “Smoking On Dead Ops.” The level of lyricism and ability to combine rhyme schemes and melodies over the beat is a marvel to listen. Razzi went into the booth and chose violence, bodying the beat but not before leaving his signature mark of perfection over the track. “Smoking On Dead Ops” tells of the grind and dedication that Razzi has poured into himself and his come up. The development of his sound as an artist is awe inspiring and his continued rise in bars never ceases to amaze. Razzi gets down to business on his new single, raw, real, and unfiltered. “Smoking On Dead Ops” is the track of a marksman that doesn’t miss. Just when fans thought Razzi was at the pinnacle of what hip-hop should be, he rises the bar even higher and delivers a single worthy of being played in every whip, radio station, and club. “Smoking On Dead Ops” does more than act as a hype composition that would get the place jumping, but it is a statement of just how far in talent Razzi has ascended to.

Razzi is a monster on the field and a beast in the booth. He is an artist that demands respect and earns it at the same time with the level of talent showcased in his lyricism and rhythm. His new single “Smoking On Dead Ops” is the perfect start of the year for Razzi, and if the rest of the year’s tracks are even close to this, Razzi is going to dominate. Follow Razzi online and stream his new single “Smoking On Dead Ops.”





“Smoking On Dead Ops”: