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Zkittlez x Seven Leaves Brings Five New Cannabis Strains to The Market

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Cannabis consumers are raving about the new collaboration between industry giants Zkittlez and Seven Leaves. Fans of the brands have highly anticipated the Zkittlez x Seven Leaves mashup, and the results so far have far exceeded expectations.

Zkittlez has been a massive name in the industry thanks to its enormous success over many years. Founded by award-winning breeders, Zkittlez’s list of awards and honors is pervasive, winning the industry’s biggest competitions, i.e., the Emerald Cup and Chalice California.

In combination with the industry-leading cultivating practices of Seven Leaves, the Zkittlez x Seven Leaves collab has begun producing some of the best quality and most unique products in the market. So far, the collaboration has debuted its first strain, “ZRUNTZ,” to high praise.

Zkittlez x Seven Leaves will debut a total of five new strains, with “ZRUNTZ” being the first. California consumers can expect new strains to hit locations in the coming weeks, but they’ll have to be quick, as “ZRUNTZ” has already sold out in most locations.


Photo by Charles Masters

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