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Lishana Brings the Vibes with New Song “Drifting”

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Born and raised in Croydon, South London, RnB Singer Lishana is making a name for herself in the music industry. Having been surrounded by music her entire life, she has always known that a musical career was in her cards. With the recent release of her new song, “Drifting,” Lishana sets the tone for what’s ahead.


Drifting” is an RnB song that dives into the subject of drifting away from a significant other that one time meant so much to you. As something that everyone has gone through at some point, Lishana connects deeply with her fans and their emotions through this hit.


Drifting” brings all the vibes, and there’s plenty more to come from Lishana.


Stream Lishana’s “Drifting” on Spotify here.

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