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Franchise TYG Names Jay-Z and Drake As Top Touring Picks

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If you are a true lover of quality music and an explorer of new music to satisfy your aesthetic sense, then there is a chance that you may like Franchise TYG. After dropping ‘Ice On Me’, Franchise TYG has become the top choice of music lovers who enjoy chill beats and a moving voice!


Franchise TYG has made a great name in a short time. His original and extraordinary taste in music shows his tinges of individuality while staying relevant to his listeners. This kind of musical success, though being attempted by many people, is difficult to achieve. Yet, Franchise TYG can be considered to earn a considerable number of fans by his song, ‘Ice On Me’, which he released in 2019. Ever since then, fans are extremely curious to know more about him. Therefore, we decided to step forward and schedule an interview with Franchise TYG to get to know what inspires him. Being an inspiration himself, we were really curious to know the impulses behind his artwork that make him successful.


When our sources talked to him and asked him questions about the music he enjoys and the stuff he finds inspiring, he told us that he is really into art, music, business, science, history, and the pursuit of greatness. Well, a really comprehensive answer to cover every aspect of human life! This shows the multifaceted nature of Franchise TYG. He keeps every dimension of life in regard, no matter if it is art or science, logic or ambiguity, hobby, finances, or spirituality,  he tries to make a balance between everything.



Being an excellent student throughout his life, he has been writing music simultaneously. This instance speaks for itself of how much passion he has for music within himself. When we asked him if he wanted to open a show for any artist, he told us that Jay-Z or Drake would be his outright choices.

Moreover, he also told us that if he had to listen to 3 albums for the rest of his life, what would they be? He answered N’Sync ‘No Strings Attached’, Bruno Mars ‘24k Gold’, and Jay-Z ‘Greatest Hits’. He also responded that Hov has too many good hits to just choose one. These choices of Franchise TYG vividly explains how tasteful and particular he is about the music he likes. He also added, “I feel bad for not picking Michael Jackson”.


We really believe that Franchise TYG is a bright shining star and is quickly becoming a big name in the music industry. His fans are really rooting into his career and want to listen to more great music from him. His success is a result of his passion, commitment, and variation of talents inside and outside music. He is definitely an inspiration for people who want to unleash their potential with utmost authenticity while acing all aspects of life.


You can listen to ‘TYG’, Franchise TYG’s new album on all digital stores.

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