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Decon Releases “Night Shift” Featuring Spencer Nelson

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New Mexico based electronic pop and edm singer/producer Decon has been making his own wave with his self-crafted sound. The rising musician made his debut on all major platforms back in 2018, but has been working on his craft and releasing new songs ever since. 

Recently, Decon teamed up with fellow creative Spencer Nelson for their song “Night Shift”. The trumpet based instrumental nods towards a spanish sounding base for the track. The two artists take turns flowing fast over heavy set 808s and snappy snares. The song starts with the vibey background, and then quickly picks up pace until it ends a little less than 3 minutes later. 

Both artists showcase their ability to flow quickly, but never too fast to where the words can’t be understood. The lyrics are about grinding in silence, and how every move doesn’t need to be made quickly if calculated correctly.

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