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Kyngjai Putting On For The Masses And Masschusettes

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Kyngjai (Akeem Manhertz) is a versatile hip hop artist originally from Kingston, Jamaica. Kingjai creates Hip-Hop and Dancehall music. The major fork in the road for Kyng was when he first moved to the States, and adapted a new found love for hip-hop and its culture. Kyngjai has had the opportunities of working under labels including Y.N.F, Bad Block Entertainment, and currently Crazy Money Entertaiment. He also had some bigger events in 2014, performing his singles “Pree Life & 6 Feet” at RT NightClub, and at “The Chicken Box”. Recently Kyngjai has released a mixtape titled “J.A.I” which is a short sampled masterpiece that shows Kyngjai’s potential as a Reggae influenced Hip-Hop artist, succeeding in the United States mainstream market.
We asked Kyngjai the following question:
“Kyngjai what was it like adapting to the hip-hop culture in the United States when you first moved here in 2010?”
Kyngjai’s response was:
“At first when I moved to the United States it was hard for me to adapt because I had to adapt to the English language. Speaking a new language and then adapting to the way they say things in hip-hop culture was challenging.” – Kyngjai
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