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FL Dinero ‘Here for a While’ Nominated for Best Album – Exclusive Interview

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FL Dinero presented audiences with ‘Here For a While’ this month. Its feedback was stellar, and the project was nominated for a surprise media outlet release of albums of 2021. This album is the multi-talented artist’s first project of 2021. In fact, its release was the first day of the year, giving listeners something to celebrate. FL Dinero gained momentum this past year, and ‘Here For a While’ is currently a favorite, and jumpstarted his music career even further. In this exclusive interview, he invites us to his world and mind as a musician. 


 What can you bring to the industry as an artist?

“What keeps me different is I’m filled with versatility. I try to challenge myself to bring a different sound/approach to each and every song. One thing about me is you’ll never expect what’s next for me. You could see me drop an up-tempo song one day and the next drop it could be a love song. I also try to challenge myself by using different type of beats with instruments that stand out to the ear. It started with the beat, if you have poor beat selections then you’re already starting off in the wrong foot. The goal is to keep the music complex, not too simple and predictable.”

What was the inspiration for the album?

“Honestly the pandemic inspired this album. After I dropped my EP “Music from the Soul” in the beginning of 2020 I told myself I probably wouldn’t drop another project anytime soon and do the video approach. Just being on lock down all of these months really gave me time to work on myself as an artist. I believe I really found my sound in the past year thanks to the pandemic. That being said ,  ‘Here For A While’ is probably one of my best projects.”

Let’s say listeners just heard about you. What artists would you compare your sound to?

“I wouldn’t know which artist I sound like. I’m definitely tuned into what’s hot and what’s not but I try not to listen to too much other music because you can accidentally catch on to someone’s flow and mold it into yours if you listen to too much of that specific artist. I don’t get many comparisons. I do know I have a “New wave” sound. I feel like if you like any new artist out that’s hot right now you would love my music with no problem at all.”

Where you from? Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into music.

“Born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Growing up I really didn’t wanna pursue a music career. I played sports (mainly football) my entire life so I was trying to get into the league. My first song came along in the living room with my brother when I was about 13/14 years old. We sat, listened to instrumentals for hours and made a song. I rapped that verse for a lot of people and they liked it, which gave me the confidence and some sort of interest in wanting to be an artist.”


Rising to the top, he plans on dropping more To stay in touch with FL Dinero: Follow him on Instagram here | Stream his album ‘Here For a While’ below. 


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