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Elle Ullmann, the Highly Skilled Entrepreneur Who’s Combining E-Sports and the Music Industry Through Her Company MELT Music And Media Agency

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Growing up around the music and film industries has grown Elle Ullmann into the successful entrepreneur she is today. Understanding the entertainment business has been essential in helping her scale her brands, and it’s second nature at this point. It’s become her secret weapon when it comes to surpassing the competition.


 Elle was born and raised in America, growing up between Hawaii and California until she moved to Oslo, Norway, with her husband after college.


After that, Elle and her family moved to Connecticut, USA, to settle down, before eventually relocating to Hermosa Beach, California. This is where Elle is currently living, though her business brings her clients from all over America, especially Los Angeles, and Houston.


Currently, Elle is the mastermind behind MELT Music and Media Agency, managing a handful of artists, the creator of surf and skate company Hashtag Board Co., and the creator of performance water sport apparel brand RU3 Performance, and co-managing TikTok influencer DadLife Jason.


On top of this, Elle has also established herself within e-sports and is passionate about finding opportunities. She’s made a name for herself due to her level of investing, something not many women are doing in that space, and it’s allowed her the chance to do big things.


Elle’s become an expert at combining her e-sports work with her entertainment businesses and is highly skilled in putting together commercial deals to hold events for players and artists. For Elle, e-sports players are influencers, too, and deserve the same opportunities as other social media personalities.


To learn more about what Elle is working on, follow her on Instagram at @ElleUllmann.

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