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ZIEME – “That’s The Way it’s Got To Be” (Body and Soul)

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Rarely does an artist emerge with the ability to not only captivate his generation, but to also channel generations past as he pushes a genre forward. Donning his Label Head and Executive Producer hats, the legendary Rapper, Actor, Songwriter and Producer, Ice-T is proud to introduce you to just such an artist. Raised under the guidance of 80s R&B stars Force MDs, newcomer ZIEME always knew that his passion for music could become a career. After years of honing his skills informally by singing his own vocal arrangements of records by favorites ranging from Michael Jackson to Aaliyah, Zieme joined his uncles as the newest member of the celebrated R&B group. Armed with years of performance experience both with Force MDs and as a solo artist – sharing stages with the likes of Chris Brown, Boyz 2 Men and even Lil Wayne – Zieme came to Ice-T ready to take his career to the next level. Not only did Ice welcome the opportunity to push this talented vocalist to new heights, but he had a brilliantly creative idea for just how to do it. The partnership between Ice-T and Zieme is certain to put the music game on notice!

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