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Upcoming 18 Year Old High School Jacksonville Rapper LaYehYeh

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LaYehYeh is an 18 year old upcoming artist from Jacksonville, Florida. LaYehYeh is still in highschool but the young artist has been able to stay passionate about music and continue to get high education. In some recent interviews he gets his inspiration from other artist(s) including YNM Melly, King Von, Lil Baby & Lil Poppa. He says that their different flows and vibes have helped impact on his musical style, voice and delivery. LaYehYeh is very versatile, the type of music he creates ranges from “drill type” of music to “melodic flows” on love songs. If you shuffle LaYehYeh on his playlist you could hear the versatility. After good feedback he has received from his peers, and his single “Bounty Hunt ” which collected 5,000 streams on Spotify in only 1 day LaYehYeh is fully dedicated into putting his all into his music, he shows great potential. Be on the look out for more songs dropping on all platforms over the next couple weeks. New music and official music videos are on the way. He is not your average Floridian, his sound and image stick out.

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