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The Brothers Timberwolf Stalker Arrested, Jonas Brothers Thrown Into Feud

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The Brothers Timberwolf escalated their feud with reports of one brother fleeing the country and going back to New Dehli in the name of social justice, while the other continues using the band name to release his own solo music after dumping their record label advance into Wall Street bets. Subsequently fans have attacked, harassed and even stalked lead singer, Dustin Timberwolf, due to his brothers conspiratorial rants and accusations of bad business practices (theft) on social media. Dustin has since had the address to his Los Angeles residence leaked online in a knee jerk post by his brother, which ultimately led to filing numerous police reports and even one woman’s arrest— after a failed attempt to break into his home after two weeks of threats and stalking his residence.

Last week Yahoo News reported that the brothers’ fans, who are widely referred to as the “TBT Army”, were so fed up with the decade long feud that reignited just days after their reunion album, that they had decided to take matters into their own hands by boycotting the band. Countless  profiles pushing similar content surfaced simultaneously, like @Dustintimberwolfsux, that has over 10,000 followers at the time of this publication. One fan account on Facebook, “Sh*tposting is my coping mechanism” with over 140,000 followers tagged “#TBTArmy” and dragged the Jonas Brothers into the mix when they posted a meme of them side by side with The Brothers Timberwolf asking users “which Brothers have the bigger D’s?”. Fans of both groups of brothers have since been arguing and berating each in heated altercations that are mostly being started and escalated by TBT Army Fans in a combative fashion similar to that of their argumentative idols.

Many fans followed these accounts, and judging by the general consensus of the comments it appears that many of their fans feel that  they are not appreciated. One former fan and web admin who goes by, Gerald, owns the account @Dustintimberwolfsux and told ThisIs50 that “The Brothers Timberwolf wouldn’t be anywhere in life if it weren’t for their big bro —- TBT Army General Gerald and my GSquad. They should both be s*cking my d*ck at the same time”. Gerald is referring to himself and what he claims is an army of loyal minions who are  “very interesting, white hat, politically driven computer hackers -OR- wannabe Reddit fanboys” that have gravitated towards TBT Army fans and Gerald’s clickbait social media pages during the 2020 elections. “We want to influence those who are moderate and get swing votes so we go after politically driven celebrities with large cult followings like The Brothers Timberwolf and better control the narrative… Schrödinger’s equation”. Gerald wouldn’t say who he works for but admitted that he is not working independently, “think of me as a kind of subcontractor” he continues “it’s all a part of the job, you can’t have any feelings”.

Dustin Timberwolf has since addressed the ongoing harassment, lynch mob and falling out with his little brother by stating online that he has filed police reports and is looking to press charges against his brother Tustin as well as the stalker who attempted to break into his residence last weekend (after Tustin posted his home address online).

The Brothers Timberwolf have several label representatives at Lucky Prayer House Records who have also blamed the little brother, Tustin Timberwolf, for using the hash tags of the Muslim Brotherhood and international socialist revolutions—- and subsequently bringing unwanted attention onto his brother Dustin’s America First politics. Tustin has amassed a cult following online again in recent years due to his social justice activism as well as his work on  a reptilian alien conspiracy show @TheRealWuFoodMovementTv featuring Wu Tang Clan affiliate Natajh “HeadRahq” Munford.

Label representatives were not happy about the incidents that occurred over the weekend “I have a image to preserve, this— is not it.. this guy, the stupid little brother, a real bad guy and now he’s in big time breach of contract.  Plus.. on top of all this now he’s got other really bad guys like ISIL on me and his brothers asses now for no reason” said Father Lucky, CEO of Lucky Prayer House Records a Lucky Prayers subsidiary organization and Father Lucky Invention.

The future for The Brothers Timberwolf remains unclear, with Tustin now in India working on his campaign for Muslims’ rights and Dustin releasing his own solo music. Father Lucky issued a statement on the behalf of their label Lucky Prayer House Records stating “nothing is wrong, everything is perfectly normal” and that their unreleased 2021 album AQUARIUS is not only completed but “the album of the century— like literally, this one.. this is the one” he boasts. “This one defines all of our entire generations existence here on Earth… it is the key to the universe. The Brothers Timberwolf usher in the Age of AQUARIUS”. When we asked what this means he replied with this picture that looks like it was screenshotted from a Google Search:

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