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Hex Hectic is showing his versatility with upcoming single “Mamacita”

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Hector Danniel, known to the rap community as Hex Hectic, has been making noise in Chicago’s vibrant underground rap scene where he was born and raised. Over his years of building his discography and fanbase, Hex has gained recognition for the potency of his music. Being mentored by Grammy winner and close Kanye West collaborator, Rhymefest, Hex grew through the artist development program under their Donda’s House Inc. imprint. Hex has since been the source of motivation for any listener that submerges into the realness and emotion composed in his songs. Coming from the struggle of being a minority with nothing at the bottom, he found inspiration in all the possibilities he has to gain at the top.

After releasing his most recent single “SAY I DO” to inspire the world with confidence, Hex is plotting the release of his upcoming single “Mamacita” on February 5th 2021. It is one of the 12 songs he has inked for his song recording deal with Insomniac Studios out of Blue Island. Working with the co-owner and lead engineer, Marlon “Solitaire” King, Hex has created an innovative and fresh sound that he can’t wait to unleash into the world. Blending his lyricism with melodic flows, Hex creates a catchy tune that just gets stuck within the listener’s mind. It’s a whole vibe that will create a wave for Hex that he will ride to the top. Few artists are versatile enough to develop new styles and turn them into a sound that can go to mainstream success, but Hex has the sauce and found the recipe with “Mamacita.” Hex is a boss and looking for a Boss himself while detailing the characteristics and Queen like traits of the Mamacita on her grind and grabbing his attention. “Mamacita” is a track that both men and women can relate and see themselves in, one from the perspective of wanting a woman that knows what she’s about, and the other for wanting to elevate themselves from just being a woman painted by the world but be about her business and grind.

Hex Hectic has put in the work and it shows in every release. “Mamacita” is a sure anthem. Pre-save his upcoming single and witness the greatness of Hex Hectic.

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