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KeyzKiloHz and Real Rich Drops Soul Rap Project “From Pops Crib On The Weekend”

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Brooklyn, NY based artist, producer, and studio engineer KeyzKiloHz has over 17 years of experience in music production. KeyzKilohz studied the music business at SAI and works for a popular New York City recording studio called “Penthouse Recording Studio”.  KeyzKiloHz also knows as Keyz is not only the eldest brother in his family but a father of four with hopes of leaving a family legacy. Keyz and his brother RealRich came together at these troubling times to plant seeds for their family inheritance. Both brothers recovered from COVID at different times while still creating their new album titled “From Pop’s Crib On The Weekend”. Pushing through health scares and finding ways to work on their craft while not getting discouraged and affecting their children.  


From Pop’s Crib On The Weekend is an LP that has a nostalgia feel that’s like an old school home and family vibe that comes from family culture; re-igniting the ears through the feeling of community. KeyzKiloHz and Rich put together a great body of work and created the artwork to represent where they are both from Brownsville, NY from different sections; Keyz being raised in Howard Projects and RealRich being from Ocean Hill Projects. Producer and Artist KeyzKiloHz received motivation to create a project that both he and his brother RealRich718 can show their rap abilities and their new sound that’s elusive presents that feel-good soul rap music. 

Watch A Snippet Of Their Listening Party At Penthouse Recording Studios in NYC.

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