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Meet Tiny Tete The Femcee With Lyrics That Hit Harder Than Someone Twice Her Size!

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Everyone welcome Tiny Tete as one of the newest members to Superior Music Company! Teana was born on October 25, 1993 in Atlanta, GA she has been writing her own music since the age of 13 having started professionally recording music at the age of 21.

The stage name Tiny Tete started at the age of 18 as people would call her “Tiny” due to her petite frame. Teana was given the nickname “Tete”by her family, short for the name Teana. She has always been a popular kid with pure talent and a witty personality but was always slimmer than her peers!

The combination of her nicknames resulted in the stage name “Tiny Tete” meaning STRONG for an artist with big ambition and the talent to match with lyrics that hit harder than someone twice her size and that definitely holds weight!! “Tiny” has always been respected for her huge, outgoing personality and talent.

“Tiny” is fed up with slim female artists not getting the shine they deserve because she didn’t pay for an altered body as if talent doesn’t matter and she is ready to put her STAMP on the industry!

Her new single is streaming now on all digital platforms for download! Check out the next biggest thing to come out of Atlanta, she is coming for everything and nothing can stop her!

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