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BriBandz silences her haters with breakout single “Why U MAD”

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If ‘from nothing to something’ was a person, BriBandz would embody it in every way.


The now millionaire mogul started her journey to the top from rock bottom. At the mercy of life, homeless without a dollar in her pocket, Briana D’Amico, now famously known by her stage name, BriBandz had a dream to be more than what her circumstances said she should be. Finding the resolve and will to stand up and face past her daunting reality, BriBandz made a complete 180, earning not a single dime, to banking a monthly income of 5 figures through hard work, dedication and the persistence to elevate past where she was, all through the touch of her phone.


It wasn’t an easy road. It was paved with cold nights and hungry days, being looked upon by judgmental minds of society as an outcast wasting her life without any idea of what she endured. Instead of letting it crumble her, Bri instead used it as motivation to make it out and let her success do the talking. She would spend countless hours at the library, increasing her knowledge, and that gave birth to her business, one that thrived with nothing but her creativity and phone. For two years BriBandz remained focused on her goal, sleeping under bus stops and outside churches while taking one step at a time towards elevating herself. Some nights were sleepless, riding the bus overnight to try get a few hours before facing the next day.


BriBandz’ hard work paid off, building her wealth to 1.5 million in just a few years, but even with the stable net-worth, BriBandz had one passion and love she had to pursue. Having a family of musicians, BriBandz also had a love for music. She battled her anxiety she developed during her time homeless on the streets by using her music as therapy. BriBandz has released several fun and witty songs that uses her story to inspire others to never give up or quit on their dreams. Her most streamed song “Why U MAD”, continues to receive hundreds of streams daily on SoundCloud. It was a direct response to all the hate and slander that negatively criticized her music. Instead of feeding into their toxic drama, she let her music do the talking, and it became a sensation because so many related to its words. BriBandz brings a West Coast cadence over the similar sounding beat along with an unbothered vibe, laid back vocals and lyrics that connect with audiences while owing its own sound apart from the current hip-hop trends. The song has brought a ton of support and admiration for her strength and chill laxed flow that just takes the listener on a journey through her emotions.


BriBandz is a true inspiration, and her music is building a buzz that is shaping up to be unstoppable. “Why U MAD” can be streamed on Soundcloud, but it is scheduled to be released across an array of popular streaming platforms in the coming week with an accompanying music video. Follow BriBandz online and stream “Why U MAD” via the links:




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