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Aasha Marie Drops New Album “WYWS”

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Aasha Marie is a highly gifted and talented creative from the south side of Chicago, IL. She has been professionally releasing music for the past 6 years; however, she has had a lifelong passion for music. She is currently celebrating the release of “BYOB,” which is out now on YouTube. It can also be found on WYWS, Aasha’s latest album that’s available to stream on all major platforms. As her closing bar on “BYOB” says, this album was about being able to “celebrate the escape that you made from your past.” Aasha Marie went deep into herself to evaluate areas where she was “asleep” in life and then found ways to ignite them. It’s learning to receive every experience as blessings and readjust to create a means to continue with an elevated mindstate.
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The “nucleus of the project” was described as leveling up.“It’s not being pretentious, it’s stating I’m here, here’s what I do, and here’s what I’m about; and you can listen to it on this album. So while you’ve been sleeping, i’ve been grinding, i’ve been working on it and here it is!,” Aasha Marie exclaimed. When asked what her favorite songs from the album, she excitedly responded that her first single was because of the in-depth nature. It took the longest to write, she was highly critical of her artwork throughout the process, and she also wanted to pack everything within the 16 bars to speak to diverse audiences. Extensive time was taken to collaborate with others to push her pen and keep refining the song. Additionally, each time she performs it, it takes on new meaning for her, especially in current times with its alignment to the political climate. Midnight Blues, which is a single off of the album with a neo-soul vibe, is her pick of the litter from this album. She was able to simply write how she felt, she poured her heart out and was able to be brutally honest and transparent with listeners.

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