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Tez The Don ‘Mixtape of the Year’ Exclusive Interview

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The multitalented Tez The Don, Michigan-based talent, is elevating in the music industry. Released this past Christmas, ‘Mixtape of the Year’ blessed audiences with 12 hit tracks. In this exclusive interview, Tez The Don shares his inspirations, aspirations, and introduces himself as an artist.

What was the inspiration behind your ‘Mixtape of the Year’ title?

“I chose that title because, well, it’s my 5th official studio project for those that don’t know. Those that are already and have been supportive of my music always tell me that I’m one of the best they ever heard and when they see how I respond to them saying that, they usually say I’m “too humble”. This time around I wanted to show that although I come off very humble, that’s only because I come from a very humbling upbringing and even to this day my life continues to humble me. Regardless of that though, I’m still very confident in my craft and I do realize that this is what I was made to do. I thought ‘Mixtape of the Year’ was the perfect way to make a statement saying I know in my heart I’m one of the best.”

Describe your sound to audiences that have not heard of you yet.

“I like to think I don’t have a signature sound. I like the idea of being able to make any kind of song as far as hip hop and a little R&B. I’ve made so many different sounding songs in my life I really don’t know a specific type that I create the most. I’m just really big on making a conceptual project no matter the different sounds. I do however, no matter how hard I try to avoid comparisons, hear from others that I’m a blend of Big Sean, J. Cole, and Drake. I take it as a compliment because I don’t think they miss when they drop.”

What do you believe you can bring to the music industry as an artist?

“I think I can bring real rap being cool again. The hottest songs out now are based off of how you are saying things and not more so of what you are actually saying. The young artists are taking over and I know they’ll grow and so will their music but I want the industry to know that young artists like myself that focus on what we are actually saying as well as how we are saying it can have the hottest songs out as well. Not everything has to be trendy to pop. Fun fact, I also want to bring back physical releases. I know it’s far-fetched but I want that feeling of people lining up outside of stores to get my music. Believe it or not I sold blank CDs out of my hand.”

For listeners that are about to check out your album: what is the first song you’d recommend they listen to?“

Honestly I would recommend they start from the first song, “A Marked Soul” and go all the way through. That’s the right way to give a project a complete chance. I wouldn’t want them to miss something or feel like one song determines how the whole project will be. The transitions from one song to the next are equally as important to me as the lyrics I wrote to the paper and I made that clear with the order of the tracks. Aside from that I am very confident that no matter which song they pick they will in the end go listen to the whole tape all the way through anyway. I just hope they receive it properly and honestly like what they hear.”

Tez The Don is receiving his well-deserved recognition. Featured on The Detroit News, he is now in the artist spotlight, and plans to remain on that stage. With future projects on the way, be sure to stay in touch with him on Instagram and Twitter @TezTheDon

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