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Having explored and succeeded in a variety of avenues and ventures, Obi Nwankwo is the Modern- Day Renaissance man. “The secret sauce is faith, consistency, and being ready for opportunities”, says Obi Nwankwo reflectively.

Obi Nwankwo is a record-breaking athlete who graduated from Boston University where he studied Finance, management, and Leadership. “When I first got to school…I told everyone that I wanted to break every record that the university held. That was the type of pressure that I placed on myself.” Obi kept that same attitude even after graduating college when he trained to be an Olympic athlete. Leaving behind his dreams to be an athlete, Obi began working as a consultant at companies like Ernst & Young and Accenture.

After submitting his photos to various agencies, Obi was cast in an ad for ESPN. But Boston was not the place for modeling. Obi relocated to Los Angeles when he was offered a campaign with Nike. Unfortunately, Obi had to decline the offer because it interfered with his career. Obi regretted turning down the Nike offer and it was weighing heavy on his mind. He decided to quit his job at Accenture and pursue modeling full time. Suddenly, a whirlwind of opportunities headed in Obi’s way. He was in multiple high-end advertisements for Gucci, Puma, Bose, Microsoft, Nautica, New Balance, and more. Besides being placed in multiple fashion ads, Obi was featured in projects within the Music industry: A Virtual Actor in Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods Your”, ASAP Rocky and Dapper Dan’s “King’s of Fashion”, and Tyler the Creator’s Grammy’s performance.

Obi Nwankwo is a self-made genius who relied on his inner strengths for motivation and growth “Growing up I never had access to someone who obtained success in a variety of different verticals by being a good person and a man of faith…so I didn’t know it was possible”, he remarked.

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