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A Giver to The Music Community – Ceesar’s Groundbreaking Entry in The Music World

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The world is a selfish place. Without thinking twice about their words or actions, people only look after themselves. In case they ever plan to help others, their actions will always be fueled by expectations. The law of reciprocation has taken away the beauty of giving others without looking forward to getting something back in return. As a result, the powerful psychological principle has significant consequences due to which an individual’s each and every action is well-calculated and executed.

The concept of ‘giving back to the community’ is misinterpreted by most individuals these days. While most people mix it with the idea of ‘exploiting,’ some decide to mark it as ‘fundamentally flawed.’ Nevertheless, when one gives back to others, he is actually benefiting himself by growing in the real sense. Even though it might not look like that at that point, the feeling of providing something to others is unmatchable in the real world.

Even though such people are hard to find these days, Nelson Silva, an aspiring music artist, is among such individuals whose prime aim is to give back to the community. In 2018, he stumbled upon the song ‘White Iverson’ by Post Malone, a track that changed his life. According to Nelson, the song made him feel emotions, even those he did not know he could feel. The unreal feeling followed by the dreamlike emotion was something he felt for the first time in life. Nevertheless, it was a feeling he did not want to just keep to himself. “If somebody’s music can make me feel this way, I want to do that for as many people as I can,” says Nelson.

Wanting to give back to the community and make them feel the same emotions he could feel, Nelson entered the music industry in 2018. Now popularly known by his stage-name CEESAR, the talented artist initially started his career by creating some beats.

A Canadian-Portuguese Artist, Ready to Rock the Music Industry

Intending to make himself ready for music, CEESAR went through several vocal training sessions until he felt ready to make his debut in front of the audience. With a mix of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop, he released his single debut song called “Day 2 Day” in early 2020. The song created waves in the music industry, giving a notable entry to CEESAR in the music world.

Following his debut song’s success, CEESAR released his next single called “Drunk Textin,” nothing less than a gem. Apart from being a muse to the audiences’ ears, the song brought CEESAR global acknowledgment and recognition. Entering the music industry with an aim to provide the listeners with a surreal feeling, the first two single releases of the new artist have been pretty much successful in meeting his desired goal.

After acquiring a prominent standing in the music world, CEESAR released his debut EP known as “Hustle & Passion.” Other than creating waves in the industry, it was a perfect amalgamation of R&B and Pop, something many artists fail to bring justice to. The six-tracks EP consisted of superhit songs that included Make It, All Me, Drunk Textin’, I Need You, Day 2 Day, and About You, a song that has already reached 200,000 views on Youtube.

Music is said to be one of the most expressive forms of communication. Whether it is a celebratory occasion or a testing time, the right music has the power to make the audience feel certain emotions. Influenced by his own experience, CEESAR realized the effect of music on humans. As a beautiful gift to the audience, CEESAR’s songs have brought solace to them during the pandemic, one of the most depressing times in history.

A Sneak Peek into His Early Life

Born on September 27, 1989, CEESAR was an individual with high dreams and aspirations. Since becoming a musician was not a career he had ever imagined pursuing, he always wanted to do something big. Following his dream, CEESAR stepped into Carleton university and did his major in Philosophy. Soon after he completed his Bachelor’s in Arts, CEESAR started developing an interest in the field of entrepreneurship. Even though many individuals plan to settle for less, he decided to pursue his passion and achieve his goals.

With a heart full of rich ambitions and dreams, CEESAR stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. In 2015, he started his retail store that dealt with sports supplements while managing it online as well. Nevertheless, he soon observed the growth of online businesses taking a huge toll on other businesses. As a result, CEESAR took a smart decision and launched his eCommerce store involved in drop shipping and private labeling. With a dedicated work ethic, CEESAR took his company to another level in a period of 3 successful years.

Even though CEESAR was thriving in what he was doing, he always felt something missing. Coming across the track of Post Malone was a life-changing experience for him that helped him fill in the invisible void in his life. While he has just entered the music industry, CEESAR has created a huge fan base due to his mesmerizing music. Looking at his successful journey as an artist within a couple of months, there is no doubt in the fact that CEESAR will soon be known far and wide in the international music world.

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