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Rocky Lee: The Million Dollar Manager

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Born in the Bronx like hip hop and raised in Brooklyn like Biggie, Rocky Lee is the music industry’s go-to business man behind the curtain. From an early age Rocky knew that music was in his blood and failure was never an option. At 18 years old starting as a DJ the young entrepreneur, who was soon to be a millionaire, quickly climbed the ranks with his work ethic and vibrant personality. Surrounding himself with like minded individuals, Rocky became well connected and has eventually become a one man label investing in upcoming talent in NYC.

“Money doesn’t make a boss, actions do.”-Rocky Lee

Rocky Lee’s passion for music is on a different level than most and has an ear for talent like no other. Alone, he has successfully invested hundreds of thousands in backing upcoming talent, coordinating the right teams in order to elevate careers and fund tours. With multiple business ventures generating millions annually, not only has he successfully changed artist’s lives forever, but Mr.Lee has given back to the community by conducting giveaways to giving back to those in need including his loyal 120k+ fan base on Instagram.

On the road to being the music industry’s biggest mogul, Mr. Lee has major plans in the works for his artist @ChiChiGwapGod_8fs whose single “Tag Em In” is dropping this Friday. Motivated by his children who are his number one supporters, Rocky Lee is quickly becoming a household name and a leader for the youth proving that hard work, passion and dedication is all you need to accomplish your dreams! Follow Rocky Lee on Instagram @Rockylee_ for updates.


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