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King Cole, the multitalented artist leaving his mark in the industry

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Creatives hold a limitless potential that can change the world, and Motor City native King Cole is using his talents to do just that.


Born on the Westside of Detroit, MI, a young Lamar Cyrus Cole, also called King Cole goes by many descriptions. Entrepreneur, songwriter, author, fashion designer, a 90’s baby that is bringing new perspective and impact to the entertainment industry, intent on molding his legacy over the decades to come. The once active community volunteer for Highland Park’s Parker Village, gave his time and energy into the development project in Michigan and continues to be a beacon for youths in his city. Lamar has developed his knowledge across a wide range of fields, holding an associate degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) in Detroit and Climate Control Certificate (HVAC) from Northwestern Technical Institute (NWTI) in Southfield, MI for starters. Graduating WCCCD with a 3.7 GPA as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and a 4.0 GPA from NWTI, Lamar has proven not only to have talent but the intellect to match.


As of 2021, he has accumulated 6 years of experience in the automotive and manufacturing industry as a maintenance technician where he currently applies his skills at a global leader at producing transmissions, Tremec. To list his ever-expanding resume and accomplishments is enough to inspire any that anything is possible once the work ethic supports the ambition. Lamar has always prided himself on learning and becoming more than his previous self, not for fame, but to be a changing force in the world. To date, Lamar is a member of “The Family Office Club” and holds numerous robotics/controls certifications. He is also a certified tactical shooter under JP Porcalla (Focus 1st Firearms Training, LLC), certified Real Estate Salesperson from the Real Estate Professional Education Group LLC and a Certified Capital Raising Specialist from the Investment Certification Institute. These are just the tip of the iceberg as Lamar is undergoing studies to attain certification as a Financial Analyst, Private Equity Professional, Investment Banking Associate, and Hedge Fund Professional from the Investment Certification Institute. Lamar holds more than knowledge, but enlightenment of self and a sound control over body, soul, and mind. Having trained in the art of Brazilian Ju jitsu and Muay Thai in Novi, MI at Gracie Barra under Professor Jim Burchfield, he has constantly elevated himself to be better.


Not only does he delight in education but also athleticism. Lamar finds joy in hobbies like weightlifting, basketball, and swimming. Through his spiritual journey and awakenment, Lamar accepted the Muslim faith in 2019 and enjoys the teachings and lifestyle of Islam. Compounding upon his beliefs, he founded the development project, “Divinity Palace Resort” which represents an Islamic nonprofit disruptive integrated resort company in the United States that is set for development in the State of Michigan. Alongside being the chairman of this initiative, Lamar is the owner of the urban fashion lover’s eyewear boutique shop in Detroit, King Cole Luxury Eyewear. Apart from his mentor Paul Glantz of Emagine theaters, Lamar is following in his role model’s Don Barden footsteps, often referring to himself as “The Modern Day Don Barden.”


Among all this, he pursues his career as a talented creative, working with his team of freelance artist and songwriters from around the world, providing clients with services such as life coaching and hip-hop/R&B ghost writing. Lamar plans to light up 2021 with the release of his debut album along with the addition of his 3rd book “Becoming the best you” with co-author Keith Price. His first two book installments on Amazon, “Bling Eyewear: A Guide for the Industry” and “Cryptic Codes: Afflictions in the life of the modern entertainer” have been and continues to be well received.


With his Moroccan wife and 5-yaer-old son at his side, Lamar is embracing being a model husband and a male figure his son can respect and look to for guidance and inspiration. He has several projects in the works that will continue to give value to the world and further his positive impact. Follow him online on Instagram and YouTube where he is heavily involved and join his movement for change.



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