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How Bedroom Producer WayneOnABeat took advantage of Covid-19.

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Nobody was truly prepared in 2020 when Covid-19 cases started to arise. Many lives have been lost, businesses have been shut down, and face to face interaction seems to be non-existence. All those to consider, Platinum Producer WayneOnABeat still managed to find ways to connect with Artists, Producers, Engineers, A&R’s, Managers and network his way into multiple placements.

We caught up with WayneOnABeat via Instagram(WayneOnABeat) to get his feedback. He said, “Covid was a blessing for me selfishly. Most placements are locked in when the producer is invited to a session or has a chance to be in rooms with that artist. Covid paused our worlds and gave me a chance to connect with people I would never have a chance to see face to face. I was all over Instagram, in people DM’s. Same thing on Twitter, Soundcloud, even Facebook. Because so many people were at home, they were checking their DM’s, and you better believe I was one of those messages.”

With an experience in professional music of more than a decade, WayneOnABeat through his self-learning has set a benchmark for many record producers. In 2008, the artist started posting his instrumentals on MySpace, SoundClick and ReverbNation. And now, he has worked with the likes of Polo G, YFN Lucci, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, YK Osiris, Jelly Roll, Lightshow, Skitzkraven, Caskey, Steven Cannon, Lil Xan. By his remarkable works, the record producer has set his throne as one of the most sought music producers of all time today.

It truly shows, no matter the situation at hand, there are always ways to work around and get your goals met. We’re excited to see what WayneOnABeat is up to in 2021.

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