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Interview With Rollo Papers

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Hi Rollo Papers! How are you?

I’m on a high vibration right now doing pretty good, thanks for asking. A lot of things have started taking off for me with my music that I’ve been working hard to earn for a few years now and it’s finally paying off.

Where are you from?

I was born and grew up outside Philadelphia. After finishing school I got a well-paying job for a few months but then quit that job to take an unpaid internship at Upstreet Studios in Pittsburgh in 2017 working for a very successful studio owner/engineer named Justin Cicco. I lived in Pittsburgh for 2017 and 2018 and then in March 2019 I moved to San Diego and I really feel at home here on the west coast.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

As a kid I was definitely a loner. I didn’t go out much in high school and when I did…not a lot of people would talk to me anyway. To me the only friends I felt like I had were people whose music I was listening to. Eminem was my idol growing up and there were a lot of nights I would cry myself to sleep listening to “Sing For The Moment” in my headphones with my head under my pillow. Kid Cudi was huge for me back then with the first “Man on the Moon” album. When I got a little older I became obsessed with Wiz Khalifa and what he was doing building a brand with his label Taylor Gang. I’m a heavy stoner so the Wiz vibes were something I was seriously rocking with. I’m a big fan of Logic too, I used to listen to him hardcore because he’s so lyrical and I consider myself a lyricist more than melodic. I was following Logic throughout his journey to the mainstream and it felt like I was along the ride with him just as a fan watching him go from underground powerhouse to mega celebrity. Eminem, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa and Logic will forever be my personal Mt. Rushmore of favorite artists.

What are the challenges of being an artist?

What I wasn’t prepared for when I first saw some serious success in music was how much hate you receive for doing things people consider successful or prestigious. I didn’t start making music until I was 21 and within less than 2 years I was in the studio and working with people most people just straight up don’t have access to. When I moved to Pittsburgh I was just some random dude who showed up out of nowhere, didn’t grow up there didn’t go to school there, just moved there to take the internship and was immediately in the room with the heaviest hitters in the city. Like that for real vibe. It made it hard to earn respect from people outside the studio because I could tell there were a lot of kids who wanted what I had and probably didn’t understand how hard I was working and the things I was doing to keep it. You gotta work hard to get it, but you gotta work twice as hard to keep it. I’ve learned to focus on the people who do show love and learned that people who are hating on you are really just reflecting their own negative emotions about themselves. I’ve reached a point of true happiness in my life and I realized you really can’t “hate” anybody if you truly love yourself. When you reach true happiness you realize hating another person isn’t even possible.

What are 3 words that describe your music?

Smoke Weed Everyday!!!

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

I’m willing to acknowledge that I suffered from serious depression and suicidal outbursts during my time in Pittsburgh. I was so messed up towards the end of my time there I feel like I have memory loss cause I genuinely don’t remember a lot of my life during that period. I think it’s my brain preventing itself from feeling that way again. I was a shy and quiet kid my whole life and within less than 2 years of starting to make music I accomplished exactly what I set out to do. I used to run around school saying one day I’m gonna make music with Taylor Gang because they were so iconic to me. 364 days after graduating I was in the studio with one of their R&B guys named Kris Hollis thanks to being allowed in the room by Justin Cicco who owned the studio and created KH’s sound. I don’t think either of them realized at the time that just by meeting them and being a part of what was going on I felt like I was living my dreams. But when certain things didn’t go how I thought they would, it felt like life was over for me. I have a song out right now called “Ketamine” I produced myself where I tell the story of dialing 911 on myself because I thought I was going to overdose on a combination of a lot of different drugs. It was one of my earlier beats so the production isn’t as strong as some of my other songs, but the lyrics really touch people. I have a lot of unreleased records right now that I’ll be dropping throughout 2021 that address suicide and depression. I dream of becoming someone lonely kids turn on and listen to when they feel alone. That’s what hip-hop did for me, it saved my life, so now I want to be that one who saves other people.

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

I have dozens of unreleased songs right now including some pretty serious features and a couple beats produced by a Grammy nominee. I am dropping my third project in March this year and currently working on picking out the final tracklist. I’m definitely ready to rock in 2021.

Artist bio:

Rollo Papers is a hip-hop artist who makes music for everybody, whether you are a lonely stoner, a party person, a ’90s hip-hop fan or modern hip-hop fan, he has a vibe for every mood. Rollo’s music is intended to uplift and inspire others as he dreams of becoming an artist known for sending positive energy throughout the world. Rollo is a strong advocate of the legalization of the cannabis plant and strongly supports criminal justice reform regarding the plant. Rollo is a lyrical rapper who emphasizes focusing on listening to the words within each song because he truly feels people can learn from his mistakes which will help them grow within themselves.

About your next project:

Rollo Papers third project will be titled “Sacrifice Everything” and has a release date planned for sometime in March 2021. The project will feature a strong list of producers from Pittsburgh and Chicago and also at least 1 high level artist Rollo was blessed to collab with. This project will be the best piece he has ever put together. The lead single for the album is a song called “Calm” and dropped on 12/4/20 and is currently running very well on streaming services.

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