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Niro Gotti – “Good Guy”

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Many cities across the United States have solidified Hip-Hop scenes with dozens of mainstream artists emerging, and new talent popping up all the time. There are many parts of the country that are in earlier stages of development in their music scenes, and only have a couple of successful talents out of the city. Portland, Oregon is one of these towns. With a fast growing population and wide ranging culture cities like Portland have an opportunity for young artists to take advantage of. Not having had a mainstream artist blow up out of bridge city since Amine multiple years back, the market is ready and waiting for the next big player to spark some much needed energy in the town. I believe I found the next big artist who is building an international following out of Portland. His name is Niro Gotti, and he spent all of 2020 dropping catchy vibrant music for the city, and I see no signs of him letting up in 2021. 


Niro Gotti has amassed a large local following and has even begun reaching fans in other parts of the world. His “Mamba Gotti” EP Featuring Tyus, and Wizkid received tons of recognition for the smooth vocal delivery, and well written stories delivered by the young star. Following the project up with a stunning music video for “Good Guy”. Consistency in the music industry is by far the largest hurdle I see artists have a hard time with. Niro Gotti on the other hand, is always creating and working on the next chess move, and has been on a streak for the last 6 months. 


As 2021 winds up and you are looking for new artists to add to your playlists and show your friends, give Niro Gotti a listen on whichever platform you stream music on. Make sure you follow him on Instagram to keep up with all things Niro Gotti, and be ready for more phenomenal music from the young talent soon. The city of Portland has so much opportunity for young artists of all kinds, don’t miss out on the come up. 


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