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Hip Hop Artist Young Dom Brings the Heat in “Played This For Siah”

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Long Island, New York hip hop artist Young Dom has never fit in with the crowd. He was the black sheep of his group, would always get doubted for his flow, and at times would get down on himself. He dug deep to shut off the outside noise and instead used the doubt to fuel him and his musical career.


Played This For Siah” is a hit song from his latest album and broadcasts Young Dom’s talent to a T. In the song, he explains how his life changed after he dropped his last EP and that his life is starting to look like what he always pictured it would be. Yong Dom’s melodic flow is paired perfectly with a unique instrumental to create a certified hit.


Played This For Siah” is one of Young Dom’s best songs to date. With tons of more mu


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