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Rapper Cash Motivated Released Official Music Video For “Contagious”

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Cash Motivated is an indie artist from Florida who had a wide-open state through the pandemic, opening doors for his central performances alongside significant artists for socially distanced concerts in Florida’s cities. His music has gained a natural buzz and showed a successful grind, which bought new recognition, cross-promotion that serves both audiences. 


Cash has reached over 20K in views in only five days with his new single “Contagious.” Cash Motivated dropped his newly hyped track “Contagious,” featuring Mook Boy produced by Jayrell Beatz with new media hits and increased fan engagement. Florida rapper Cash Motivated newest single, “Contagious,” is catching significant wind, and he’s applying pressure hit after hit under his label Cash Gang. 


He is not only rapping about having money but what he has invested his money in. Every record set the tone for the next song, such as “Win or Lose, Pay Off Ft. Euro Got It, and now Contagious, which tells his story musically, displaying his hustle and earned income. He has applied pressure amongst his peers and pushed his social media following throughout the pandemic. Hustling is not a task, but a natural sense of urgency to get multiple streams of currency in an instance; which is a lifestyle that should be contagious. 

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