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ALVIDO Making Waves in Music Industry

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ALVIDO has been producing music since 2018, inspiring thousands of people.  “Afraid Of You”, his most successful song, has already broken the one million mark on Spotify.  Now you can find out what else you should know about the German-Croatian newcomer.


Already at the age of twelve ALVIDO discovered his love for electronic music.  Born in Croatia and raised in Germany, the artist gained his first experiences as a local DJ in youth facilities and thus worked his way up the ladder.


 But ALVIDO is not only successful as a DJ – he is also a good producer.  “Afraid Of You” is the name of his most streamed song and brought us a catchy slap house sound in 2020.  His latest single “With You”, on the other hand, goes in a future house and future rave direction and also brings a fresh festival sound with it.


You can see and hear: the man from Nuremberg is very versatile and puts a lot of passion into music. That’s no coincidence, since she’s now become an important part of his life.


 In everyday life, Alen Gruber, ALVIDO’s real name, listens to composed melodies for hours and tries to imagine how they can best be implemented.  This results in projects on which he works for up to six months until the first demo is ready.  And if he has writer’s block, he doesn’t try to force anything, he just lets it go.  This is also a good tip for everyone who is just starting to produce: don’t throw it away right away if things don’t go well.  Something like that just takes time.

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