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Sean Taylor & Jacorey Barkley are Cracking the Code for turning Aspiring Music Artist into Industry Icons

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Sean Taylor and Korey Barkley, the founders of ContraBrand are connecting with new talent from all genres of music and helping them take their music to the next level. The music marketing agency is bridging the information gap in the entertainment industry, creating an entirely new way for artists to achieve stardom. The aim of ContraBrand is to help fresh talent monetize their music while simultaneously growing their fan base and brand recognition.
“Our team is a combination of music entrepreneurs who specialize in building artists from the ground up, we’ve played instrumental parts in helping new artists achieve some of the highest accolades in the world.” Said Sean Taylor, the Founder of ContraBrand, while sharing his thoughts on how the company works. “We’ve merged our experiences to develop full-funnel strategies and formulas to achieve cultural influence and massive reach.” Barkley further added. Sean is a passionate music lover, and a former tech-industry professional with a rich experience in technology, music, marketing, and promotion.
In addition, ContraBrand proudly works with a wide range of artists from independent talent, individuals with major label deals. Another major achievement of the music marketing agency is that it played a crucial role in developing the tick-tock strategy for the number 1 song in the world “Mood by 24kgoldn”. As the company continues to grow, Taylor and Barkley plan to increase the number of artists that they work with.
According to Founder Jacorey Barkley, the modern-day music industry is extremely protective of its secrets. For this reason, the duo first began democratizing access to marketing information and strategies through their YouTube channel the BRANDMAN NETWORK. The founders have now taken their pursuits to the next level by creating a full-length process to disrupt music promotion strategy. The agency believes that each budding music artist should get a fair chance to get known and loved by the fans of music, while also being able to make good money by monetizing the social media presence such as YouTube Channel or the Facebook Page of an artist.

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