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Jacoby X-Bag Year (The Black Box Series)

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Jacoby X is a fresh, well-rounded intellectual creative from Montgomery, AL. He stands in his power as a singer, songwriter, model, rapper, educator for children with special needs. He is also a Tuskegee University alumnus and uses his knowledge, wisdom, and artistry as a vehicle to push the culture forward. Jacoby X is pushing his new single “Bag Year,” his ingenious new brand “X,” and two other hot tracks that have received positive feedback, “Check” ft. SG Kendall and “My Time.” Currently focused on global expansion, he affirmed, “When the whole world hears it, I feel it’s going to do what it needs to do.” While a jack of all trades, Jacoby X is a master with fusing education and music, his true passions. Connecting–with the goal of strengthening and improvement–ensures students’ needs are met and fans’ souls are fed with elevation as the takeaway. His lyrics spread knowledge that helps others to better understand concepts to yield empowerment and change, especially within the Black community. He appreciates feedback from every listener regarding how songs have touched them, how they relate, and how their mindsets have changed to secure whatever they desired. In 2015, Jacoby X recreated the iconic image of Malcolm X peeking through blinds with a rifle. It was symbolic of his own “by any means necessary” mentality. He then created a logo out of the image, with the expertise of Troy Davis, and engaged fans by sharing the meaning via high-quality video ads. He eloquently defined hustling as “achieving our goals and walking into our defining moment by any means necessary.” The outcome exceeded his goal of being clever and original, standing out, attracting attention, and profiting.

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