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Conversation With Sneaker Collector Turned Musician, SBCollector

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SBCollector is a sneaker connoisseur, entrepreneur and until recently, a musician flying under the radar. But if you listen to hip hop, you’re about to be seeing a lot more of him. I sat down with the man behind the music, Chris Robinson, over zoom to ask him a few questions. 


Why do people collect sneakers?


It’s different for everyone, some people collect because they genuinely love it, others collect because it’s popular, and others collect for the profit. When I was young I couldn’t afford the cool sneakers–like Jordans, etc.–So when I got older and was able to afford them, I went back and bought everything I couldn’t have as a kid.


What are you wearing right now?

I’m wearing a pair of the unreleased Nike SB Dunk Oreo samples. I have a ton of one offs and unreleased kicks. 


How would you describe your music?

My music is a blend of the classic hip hop beats I grew up on and some of the newer stuff we’re seeing with artists being able to make everything from their computers. I love the deep, analog feel of old school hip hop and I try to make most of my music on vintage machines. I even print out cassettes for those old school vibes. Music has always been in my blood, and I’m finally at a place in my career and financially where I can invest in it. I think when people listen to my singles they’ll pick up on the influences. 


How has sneaker culture influenced your music taste?

I always say that sneaker culture and music go hand in hand. When you are into any subculture, there’s usually a strong musical element that goes along with it, but I feel like that’s especially true in the sneaker world. People have such a nostalgia for the music they listened to growing up, and the sneakers they wore as kids, and I definitely want to play into that a little, but I also want my music to feel fresh. I look at it like a new sneaker release. You got the classic design, but a new take that will have people excited. 


What’s your dream for your music?

I want some kid to come up to me someday and say ‘hey I was listening to your music for a summer and wearing these kicks and doing this thing’ I want my music to be the soundtrack to peoples lives. I want them to make memories and do the things they love and feel inspired by the music I make. 


You can find SBCollector’s singles on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest releases.


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