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Ana Nello is Heating the Music Industry Back up with “Atmosphere”

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Just a couple of months ago, Miami DJ Ana Nello released her hit single called “Atmosphere,” which so far has carried into the new year. Setting the tone for the Miami music industry, the young DJ has been receiving lots of love for her new single.

Typically, DJs only find success from large party events and festivals, but Ana Nello has found another way. “Atmosphere” organically took off, starting on Ana Nello’s 1 million platforms on Instagram. Her army of loyal followers began using the smooth sound in their Instagram Stories, which was able to spread the release further.

This has surprised Ana Nello because she just began her music career only three months ago. Reaching such rapid success levels is now giving the Miami DJ the confidence she needs going into the brand-new year.

Hear Ana Nello’s newest track “Atmosphere” on Spotify here.

Follow Ana Nello on Instagram here.

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