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Moslikely: 2021 Artist to Watch – Interview by DScott

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One artist to watch out for in 2021 is New York raised singer/songwriter Moslikely.
Coming off of a relatively impressive but quiet year, the upcoming artist has promised us a new Single off of his new album, which had originally been teased in October, both rumored to be titled “No More Tears”.
So coming off a year of doing over 1.8M streams over all platforms what’s next for you?
I think I’mma need 10 million in 2021. I got a ton of crazy new music that I personally think is 10x better than what I’ve been putting out in 2020.
You’ve been teasing an album on Instagram for months now and you have a new single coming out. What’s the status on that?
I wanna make sure I come with my best foot forward, you know, I’m still trying to figure out how many tracks we want on it. I got a lot planned for the year for sure it’s going to be special. The record I’m putting out on the 8th really about to set the tone.
One of your mottos is relationships are everything. What does that sentiment mean to you as an artist?
I actually stole that from one of my managers, Q, but yeah it really resonated with me, and I think that one thing that I really wanna be known for is helping artists that I rock with flourish, like Ross, or Wayne. I’m a songwriter at the end of the day too and I love coming together with great musicians to make timeless records.
So I looked deep into your catalog and I noticed you can rap way better than most people probably know like you really got bars, but it seems like your fans react more to your R&B style tracks. How hard is it to balance the music you want to make and what your fans want?
It’s hard sometimes when putting together like a project but for the most part it just gives me the freedom to do a lot of different styles and tryna lot of new things, so I love it.
How do you feel now that New York artists are starting to take over the game again?
I think New York’s sound right now is a testament to how diverse the city and the state is. I don’t think there’s one sound really taking over, but that’s maybe why New York artists don’t get a lot of love as a collective.
Can we expect any big features in 2021?
Absolutely, but I got one with my boy coming out Selli Paper who I think is going to be one of the hardest artists in the game really soon.
You can listen to Moslikely’s catalog on all platforms by visiting

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