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Rockstar Nova, a Standout Musician Making Waves With His Self-Created Genre (Hip-Rock) The “North Philly Rockstar”

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The music industry’s cutthroat and highly competitive nature has barred countless aspirants from entering and making a name for themselves within the scene. Today, passion alone is not enough to propel a dreamer to the forefront. On top of the love for the craft, talent and the drive to stand out will spell the difference between succeeding and failing. Emerging as an artist with the potential of shaking up the industry, Nova takes pride in his self-created genre and is currently making waves with his vision and artistry.

Better known as Rockstar Nova, JaVon Stukes was born in Virginia and raised in Philadelphia. Since he was twelve, he has always been attuned to beats and rhythms, dabbling in this specific art after discovering a love for R&B. A few years later, at seventeen, he would begin to write songs with his hometown native Chris Brown—an endeavor that would help hone his skills and deepen his experience as an artist.

Dropping his first mixtape, “Kick in the Door,” when he was twenty-two under his former alias & rap name “Novaj Flame” , Rockstar Nova began a journey that will leave a mark in the music scene. Throughout his career, he dropped 20 more mixtapes, which are all available on Datpiff and Audiomack, as well as collaborated with Project Pat, E. Ness, Chip, Fetty Wap, Chedda Da Connect, Tory Lanez, and more. 

Aside from his stellar discography, Rockstar Nova has risen through the ranks because of his self-created genre, an achievement that not every artist can include in their portfolio of accomplishments. This former rap artist now focuses on pop and rock, taking pride in his brainchild called Hip Rock. With this weapon for success under his belt, he is proving to be a force within the music scene.

Recently, Rockstar Nova has released a string of phenomenal tracks. In the first quarter of 2020, he introduced to listeners’ playlist the single “Toxic Love,” which was followed by “4 am,” “Dirty Diana,” “i95,” “Animal,” and “Famous.” Additionally, he dropped a few remixes of other songs, such as “Come Thru” and “Wake Up Dead.”

Rockstar Nova plans to continue demonstrating that he can be a threat in any genre he chooses in the coming years. With plans to release his first project titled “Hard Rock Life” under his newfound genre in 2021, this future powerhouse is set to shine under the spotlight and expand his already-impressive following. 

Above anything else, Rockstar Nova hopes to send across the message to other aspiring musicians that they do not have to be boxed in with the current trends and genres. Transforming the scene where one is playing will always be an option. “I want to show the youth that you do not have to just rap. You can tap into other genres and make it your own,” this change-maker shares. 

Learn more about Rockstar Nova by visiting his website and follow him on Instagram @newlanenova

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