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EDDE6D: Perc 30 (prescription renewed)

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When music is your medicine, an artist will always find a way to express themselves through the songs they create. The emotion they have bottled up inside will overflow, bringing to life their innermost thoughts. EDDE6D is a rap artist, writer, and producer from Florida, and Perc 30 is a prime example of this expression.

The beat sounds like a drug-fueled trip down memory lane after mixing speed with codeine. Engulfed in the middle of this wicked trip is EDDE6D. With no particular topic in mind, he flexes on the short 1-minute 23-second duration of the track. Nothing is off-limits as he raps about Louis Vuitton duffles, getting faded, spending racks, and his distaste for the law. In the end, the lyrical high is well-worth the prescription cost.

Perc 30 is currently available for streaming on Apple Music:

 For more music-related news and updates, you can follow him on Instagram @edde6d.

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