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Pioneering NUWAV, how Ambrxse is creating a new genre

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Albert Ambrose, known widely by his artistic name, Ambrxse is a multitalented, bilingual Artist, whose aim is to introduce new sounds to the music industry. Being a pioneer of modern music, Ambrxse has a cultural background of Peruvian and English origins. Armed with a diverse background, he’s creating a unique new sound designed to change the way fans experience music. At a young age, Ambrxse learned to play different instruments including violin, guitar, and piano among others. Ambrxse always had a knack for musical innovation, he says “I attend alot of wiring camps when I first got started on my own, being around these writing camps and spending hours trying new genres, helped me learn techniques and sounds I didn’t know I had in me.”


His new music genre, titled NUWAV is proof of his talents and innovation. NUWAV mixes some elements of Electronic, Trap, and Urban sounds while differentiating through its high BPM pace, mixed with ambient and melodic vocals. This contrast brings a new and unique vibe to the sounds that he has been working on. This new genre is a result of the collaboration between Ambrxse and Maesic, a Franco-British producer.


When asked about his new sound, Ambrxse says “we’re making music that makes people move, this upcoming generation is looking for high-energy, they want to feel something huge.” This genre of music is going to be the next big thing in the coming years, as it provides unique sounds for the burgeoning generation.


Ambrxse possesses an extensive catalog, with each experience shaping his innovative outlook. He’s worked with numerous artists including Jimmy Duval (the producer of Look at Me by XXXtentacion), Z3N (Multi-Platinum Producer), Danny Boy Styles (executive producer for the Weeknd’s Kiss Land album), and many others. He defines his music as energetic, combining a wide array of emotions that are a reflection of his thoughts.

The upcoming EP by Ambrxse features the new vibe and genre that he has been working on with Maesic. This new EP will be the first one ever to adopt it. Ambrxse says “the key to developing a new genre is to approach the sonics and structure of music in an innovative way.” With such big ambitions, he is ready to bring something fresh to the music industry, with his upcoming genre, he’ll change the world of music forever.


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