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Alabama Rapping Nurse Travius Keandric Gifts Atlanta Tattoo Shop $5000

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Rising Alabama artist Travius Keandric, who is also a registered nurse, is set to release his highly anticipated debut album “Black Belt Island” on January 18th, 2021 (Martin Luther King Jr Day). The multi-talented artist hails from Marion, Alabama, one of the most poverty stricken cities in Alabama and home of civil rights legends Coretta Scott King and Jimmie Lee Jackson. Travius Keandric is also a member of TSA Network (a song writer and artist networking company) and Founder of A Mazing Records, LLC.
The artist is making headlines with his new video “DOPE” that’s amassed 35,000+ views within a month and for donating $5000 to Atlanta tattoo shop Endless Ink. Travius Keandric says he is focused on bridging the gap between minority races. He enjoys getting to know his supporters on a personal level as well as being able to provide them with any medical advice they need for free. Travius Keandric is truly a phenomenal human being and certainly someone who deserves more recognition for his hard work, dedication, and talent.

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