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From Beatboxing To One Of Rap’s Prospects, Doug the Plug Elevates His Career With “Say What”

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Those just learning about Doug the Plug should know that he is a fast-rising rapper who has recently been making headlines. Straight out of Inglewood, California, Doug the Plug first began beatboxing as a kid. Seeing how impressed his peers were, the rapper soon decided to mess around with GarageBand and practice rapping. 


Now nearing the end of 2020, Doug the Plug has successfully rolled out with arguably his biggest release to date. His single “Say What” featuring Money Masss just came out a few days ago and is everything it was expected to be. “Say What” is colorful, vibrant, and has all the eye candy that a rap video should. 


It seems it’s taken some time for Doug the Plug’s career to get rolling but now it clearly is. From beatboxing in school hallways to now impressing the hiphop community, Doug the Plug is  elevating faster than ever. 


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