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Chiraq x Lil Rhody happened—and it is everything we didn’t know we needed.

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We’ve been watching Kold Ka$h for a while now and it looks like we aren’t the only ones. Chiraq’s lyrical heir apparent pulled in the Lil Rhody General for a feature on his new track “Gangsta Party”, and Ka$h stepped all over it. With Rooga’s trademark smooth, effortless-sounding flow and memorable lyrics juxtaposed against Kold’s gritty, belligerent raps the track bangs in the perfect way to cap off a tumultuous year. Rooga broke it down for us on the drop:
“It’s a hit. We made a hit, and it is nothing but love in Rhode Island, I’m wit Rhode Island they got good producers, good engineers, and I WILL be back”

So where did this heat come from? We caught up with celebrity attorney and agent Billy Flynn Gadbois of Billy Flynn Management/Str8Up Entertainment, who manages Kold.

“I’ve been telling everyone, RI has their own thing going. It’s not traditional trap by definition, its more complicated structurally. They’re using rhythmic keys and strings, just really solid melodies consistently along with those heavy bass lines, switching flows multiple times per track, melodies in their flows with layering ad libs…it is its own thing man, and its straight up Lil Rhody. This was just a matter of pairing up a great artist like Rooga with our people, and he made a great choice. Kold has the grimy gangsta covered but you got mad guys out here with this RI sound.

Joe Bruce is like the big bro who seems to be looking after everyone while doing his thing, Guelly Guns is the epitome of the genre in a pure sense really, Kemoney does mad numbers without fail, out here we have King Osf, Dee Gomes, Hammer Beans, Josh Prov, Seis Nino…we lost DMann but I mean the whole SOS crew got bars, Murda Murd is up with Kold on that gangsta flow, Cali Hazard has this like RnB Iz Kamakawiwoʻole vibe, and when them Wood Boys come back I know they’ll get right to it.

Personally with beats I have Lil Rhody Bang signed so I’ve got a supergroup of producers with Dillinger, Frankee, July6ix, and KB pumping out hits. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. RI is hot man. Its ripe, and its next. I’m just trying to get the world to pay attention”

But what do we call it, if its new?

“Rhody Trap, man. Its theirs. These dudes earned it, they made it. Let them have it.”

Can’t argue with that. You heard the man. Rhody Trap it is, and we can’t wait for more.

“Gangsta Party” was shot and edited on location by Joshua Allegretta, Brandon Borrayo, and Base Matic, and engineered by DJ Jeph.

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